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Annie 2014 Taken 3 2014 The Taking of Tiger Mountain 2014 The Search for General Tso 2014 The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death 2014 Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger 2014 How We Got Away with It 2014 Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist 2014 Delerium 2014 Born to Race: Fast Track 2014 "Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist" 2014 Cheng shi you xi 2014 Gentlemen 2014 "Reckless" 2014 Party Girl 2014 Top Dog 2014 Sunday 2014 Love, Rosie 2014 Phoenix 2014 "Resurrection" 2014
"The Real" 2013 Sole Survivor 2013 The Road to Fame 2013 "Ja'mie: Private School Girl" 2013 Scavengers 2013 Der Banker: Master of the Universe 2013 Fright Night 2 2013 "Obsession: Dark Desires" 2013 "Mom" 2013 "Hart of Dixie" How Do You Like Me Now? 2013 Blood Brother 2013 "House of Cards" 2013 Legend of the Red Reaper 2013 Foreign Land 2013 "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" Frame by Frame 2013 "In the Flesh" 2013 The Confession 2013 Batman: Arkham Origins 2013 "Hannibal" 2013 "Washington Heights" 2013
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